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Solder wire



Itern Specification
Sn/Pb/Bi low temperature
Solder wire for Alumium
Solder wire for stainless steel
Solder wire for lamp holder
Any composition available
Any diameter available
Common diameter:0.8-5mm

Code Alloy melting temperature(℃) Product feature, purpose and precautions
Solidus Liquidus
HGX4-2 Sn40Pb60 183 235  •The flux core remains continuous and average, with stable performance;
 •It is superficially bright, with pure alloy and highly even chemical elements;
 •Good wettability, diffuse flow and ability to fill welds;
 •Bright, round and beautiful solder joints;
It is suitable for various manual and automatic solders.
 1、It is recommended to use the constant temperature soldering iron of more than 100℃ above the liquidus for welding;
 2、The flux activity is divided into L, M, H; its content is divided into 1.1%, 2.2%, 3.3%; the diameter ranges from Φ0.3 to 2.0 for selection;

 3、In using tin wire of H-type flux, it needs to be cleaned after welding.
HGX4-1 Sn45Pb55 183 224
HGX5-2 Sn50Pb50 183 215
HGX5-1 Sn55Pb45 183 203
HGX6-2 Sn60Pb40 183 190
HGX6-1 Sn63Pb37 183 185
HGX62-2 Sn60Ag2Pb36 179 179

All specification can be customized
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